Connect, Reconnect and Grow

Connections matter in this world. When Socrates said, “Man is by nature a social animal,” he knew what he was talking about. If he was of this generation, had updated this on Facebook and assuming he had thousands of friends and followers he would probably get thousands of likes and hundreds of followers. And subsequently he will get more followers. Now, imagine I had come up with this quote and updated it on my Facebook, it would have gone mostly unnoticed, unliked and passed on as unworthy of comments. So, what matters is not the idea or the message of the post but the connections we build through our time in the web world and/or real life.

When we make an intentional effort to reach out to people and connect we are often reciprocated in an equally positive manner. That is general human behaviour as we are programmed to do. It is through this process that we make a mark in the lives of people and enables us to put across ideas, be heard and successfully carry out our activities. And the process rolls on faster and faster once we start and continue it. This can be compared with viral media posts, a sensation of the e-world.

Now, it may be hard for us to remain connected with so many people. We have families, extended families, jobs, children and other things too that need our time and attention. So, we get on with our lives. However, it is necessary that we go back to those people who had contributed in making us socially powerful and let them know we haven’t forgotten them. Reconnecting is a more intensive and challenging process because we have to know where to pick up, how to kick off again and what to avoid. Successfully carried out it will ensure that our following remains intact and even reward us with more fans through our old pals’ recommendations.

Now, let’s tone things down, like really down, and make sense of this at a micro level. When you make an effort to be with your high school/ college friends, hang out or go to their birthday parties you get rewarded. They come to your parties and functions, introduce you to great people and help you with your studies/personal matters. Even hook you up with a popular guy or girl. Slowly yet consciously, we build friendships that take us on beautiful journeys. Fast forward and we may be working or starting families, and are unable to remain in touch as often as we want to. This drives us in different directions and new friend circles. Then, one day you are sipping lemonade on your porch on a late, hot summer afternoon and you see your grandkid playing in the lawn with his friend and this flashback hits you. Wow! What if?

Where is that cool, high-school bestie who taught you to swim? Or what if you had reconnected with the college buddy who wanted to be a comedian? How is that girl I always argued with doing now? You might regret not having reconnected with them because you miss them. But the more important thing is that you could have done so much more because you connected with new friends, reconnected with old ones and grew together. You could have made life a bigger album of memories if you understood Aristotle.


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