The SEO Game: Reboot

“I need to move out of my world. This world where everything is sleepy. Source of income is like juicing a cactus plant in the Sahara. This little town where everything fails to stay abreast with the rest of the world. I need to get back to where I was and start earning again,” thought I. And this time I was resolved to act. So, I updated my LinkedIn account which had been lying dormant ever since I signed up sometime in June, 2016. Then I called in favors from friends asking them to endorse my skills. For the last part I dialed my schoolmate’s number and asked him to help me start again.

As we started talking, he set the tone by telling me about this huge mistake I had made by abruptly leaving my job without any planning. After I agreed meekly like a criminal to a judge, we moved towards the next steps I had to take up. We were discussing our resume and something caught his attention. SEO. He talked about how important it is and the kind of role it has now, more than ever. So, he advised me to go study more about it. Learn to work with more SEO tools and enhance my skill in this area. This, he thought, might be a crucial factor in landing me an exciting job offer in a promising company.

So, I started looking up Google guides on creating quality content and making pages more accessible. I found out how the launch of AMP has revolutionized our accessibility of websites by making them load faster on mobile devices. Web indexing and search results are being affected by the continuous algorithms that Google has been infusing into itself. The suggestions I found, if Google’s own guide for developers is to be believed, was that it was going to lower rankings of sites that uploaded pages with forced and unsubstantial content. Not only this, it was also dropping the rankings of pages and sites that contained more grammatical errors and unreliable information.

So, after hours of reading and researching I realized that in the SEO game it will be hard to find a substitute for well-researched, error-free, quality content. Massive crowd-sourced articles will not help companies attract customers or traffic. No matter how high technology takes us, we will often have to stoop down with all humility to the depths of human creativity and imagination to get further. Isn’t that just beautiful? I believe in my abilities and skills more than ever.


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