The 3310: Rumour or Fact

A phone that doesn’t just signify a revolution but brings back an abundance of memories is the Nokia-3310. First released in 2000, when I was in my third grade in school. It was a luxury item then. Landlines were still popular and just seeing someone flash out his Nokia cellphone or walk around with one in her hand attracted many onlookers. It went on to revolutionize the telecommunication industry setting a benchmark for the highest selling handset by 2005 due to its unchallenged battery life and extreme durability. Snake was another feature that kept people hooked to this piece of technology that seems so basic now.

I woke up to a post from BBC, an article, that carried the news of possible rumors about Nokia bringing this piece from the ashes of its grave. And the same source had prompted at a possible upgrade in features including reminders, greater privacy and a new version of Snake at half of its original price when it was first released 17 years ago. I am excited by all this.

We never had a 3310 in the family. We had a 1100, a 1600, a Nokia flip and a basic Motorola handset with the most intriguing Blackjack game. We still have a number of basic phones in the family. We are a large family and everyone has a smartphone. However, as with most people, smartphones leave you hanging for better need of connectivity and battery life. When you are out camping with your family or best buds, an iPhone or a Samsung smart device just won’t do. You will need something sturdy with ample power to last your time outdoors. I have, through personal experience, found it is easier to get connected in remote areas with a simple mobile phone than a smartphone that keeps searching for networks because it needs to operate at a sophisticated level. The added advantage here is that basic phones won’t intrude while you are having a quality time with your partner or friends. The instant nagging of beeps from messengers and social network apps.

How about a whole generation of old people and young teenagers who need cellphones? You want them to stay connected to you but you can’t just get them smartphones. Either they won’t be able to operate it or they will abuse it. And though there are other basic phones in the market, you know the Nokia brand and the 3310 device is what you want your kid/father/grandfather to have. Simply because they can drop it from their terrace or forget to charge it, and yet you will still be connected when you call them.

This is why I am excited about the return of the 3310 (hoping it happens). I have never owned one but I will get my hands it, if and when it is released. Nokia’s story is not finished yet, and I would like to see some redemption.


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